The Hasnine Lab-for Transportation Ecosystem Modeling

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About Our Research

Modeling individuals’ travel behavior using advanced econometrics and machine learning models is the overarching theme of our research lab. Due to many theoretical inconsistencies in existing travel demand models, it is evident that many methodological contributions are required to formulate adequate modeling structures. We have been continuously experimenting with traditional econometrics models by incorporating dynamic programming, modern economic theories, discrete-continuous models, optimization principles, machine learning in the last eight years. The main goal is to represent better individual travel behavior and accurate forecasting, essential for transportation planning and policy implications. We also try to understand how individuals perceive emerging mobility services, such as autonomous vehicles, flying taxis, and hyperloop.  

Biography of Dr. Hasnine

Dr. Md Sami Hasnine is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Howard University. Dr. Hasnine’s research is at the intersection of transportation engineering, econometrics, data science, and psychology – how human behaviour is connected to transportation decision making. He builds different mathematical models to develop smart and sustainable cities to reduce emissions and energy consumption. Dr. Hasnine’s research also includes the impact of connected and automated vehicles (CAV) on individuals’ day-to-day lifestyle.

Before joining Howard University, Dr. Hasnine was the NSERC postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) under the kind supervision of the Edmund K. Turner Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva. Prior to that Dr. Hasnine was also a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto under the supervision of the Percy Edward Hart Professor Khandker Nurul Habib. Dr. Hasnine also completed his MASc and Ph.D. programs from the University of Toronto under the same supervisor. Before this, Dr. Hasnine pursued a BSc in Civil Engineering with Honours from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) under the supervision of Professor Md Shamsul Haque

Hasnine was the president of the University of Toronto chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) for two years. He was involved with many diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives at MIT, where he showed significant skills in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. He aims to understand and help those from underdeveloped and under-served communities by going very deep on a grassroots level. Dr. Hasnine is a member of the Standing Committee on Transportation Demand Management (AEP60) (previously ABE50) of Transportation Research Board (TRB), National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.​

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